A Trip Down Memory Lane in JK

The JK’s have been on a trip down Memory Lane this week. It’s hard to believe we’ve reached this time of the year already! We’ve been reviewing short vowels, rhyming and punctuation in Language arts. In Math, it’s ten frames for addition and reviewing numbers 1-20, both recognizing and printing. On Wednesday morning, to get the juices flowing in our Language Arts review, we played a really fun punctuation game. Sara A read a sentence and the children had to do a particular action to show what punctuation was needed at the end of the sentence – a fist to signify a period, hands up in the air with excitement for an exclamation mark, and a shoulder shrug (with an ‘I don’t know’ look) for a question mark. The children did a great job identifying what every sentence needed.
Sara A & Meesh
JK Teachers
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