Math & Science Are Everywhere

Math and Science are everywhere! Look around you and notice Math and Science in the most surprising places.

As CGS parents, we read and hear about the importance of our children learning “21st century learning skills”. These skills refer to the knowledge, life skills, habits, characteristics and traits that are critically important to student success, and they set the foundation for your child’s educational journey, and subsequent career success. Skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, communication and creativity. The list goes on and is seemingly endless depending on the resource and the individual educational community.

Inherently, the study of Math and Science encourages these 21st century learning skills. In each CGS grade this past week, multiple opportunities to see math and science in action were everywhere! Can you spot the problem-solving, critical thinking, communication and creativity that’s going on?


Yes, even our Early Start children are exploring Math and Science principles! They observe, build, connect, test and hypothesize as they engineer with blocks, ramps, and loose parts play to sort, count, and pattern.

Take a look at a few of these mind-bending moments as the children explore and learn through Math and Science this week.


21st Century learning skills are important to develop in our ever-changing world. Our CGS students are presented with multiple opportunities to explore, learn and grow in order to become contributing members of a future society.

Where can you spot Math and Science in your everyday?