Public Speaking Skills at CGS

Building confidence in public speaking is an important life skill with many valuable real-life applications. 

Each year, we invite Grades 2 and 3 to participate in the CGS Public Speaking Contest. Grade 1s are our audience, so they can cheer on their friends, preview the event, and prepare for their public speaking the following year!

This year’s Contest was an inspiring display of confidence, preparation, creativity, along with clear and persuasive communication skills.

The ability to gather one’s thoughts and speak coherently in a high-pressure situation is an ability to admire in many adults, and a skill to behold in our young students! When our young speakers took their place at the front of the crowd, they left us feeling so proud of them, and they really impressed the panel of judges, too.

Principal Marie welcomed our students and discussed the importance of the CGS Public Speaking Contest. Thank you to our esteemed panel of judges, Kelly, Naomi and Daynelle, who provided positive words, constructive advice for improvement, and genuine praise for each participant’s individual efforts.

Congratulations to all of our participants from Grade 2 and Grade 3, and to our Winner!