Building from Nature: Get Outdoors!

Exploring outdoors allows children to develop self-confidence, independence and self-esteem. They also become aware of limits, boundaries and challenges in their outdoor adventures. So much can be learned by exploring the natural world, along with the plants and animals who live in it.

Our Senior Kindergartens are always up to something adventurous and it’s usually taking place outdoors! They’ve studied birds: from the design of their nests to building prototypes of birds in flight. Their newest adventure involves the act of building and how animals build in nature, specifically the dam-building beaver.

Educator Julia found a fascinating piece of evidence that a beaver had been at the same Lake Huron beach that she, too was visiting. The SKs took a closer look to examine the tree branch that was most likely a part of the beaver’s dam.

What is a beaver dam and WHY do they build them? HOW do they build them? 

The SKs decided to engineer their own structures using our “outdoor classroom” as their design station. It is here that they worked through their ideas of a prototype. They discussed their ideas, drew their ideas, and then went to work to build their ideas!

Using loose parts in the play yard, they sorted what they had and also searched for materials they believed would help in their engineering.

When children are comfortable and familiar with exploring outdoors, they are more likely to:

try new activities and exhibit resilience

engage in socialization with others and make friends

• use problem-solving skills and practice teamwork abilities

WAY TO GO, Senior Kindergartens! We can’t wait to see what you come up with next…..