Dressing for Success in JK

The snowy weather surprised us all with it’s early arrival last Monday and now that it’s here, the JK’s have a lot to do! Handling winter gear is a great opportunity for the children to build independence and to help keep the classroom organized. When the children arrive in the morning, or come in after recess, they drop off their boots at the boot rack, taking care to place them neatly. Then they make up their ‘mitt kits’ before placing the kits in their bin. (JK ‘mitt kits’ are a clever way to manage all the easily misplaced items of winter – mitts, scarves and neck warmers are all safely stored inside hats.) Once the children have hung up their jackets and snow pants and organized their snack containers, they are off to find their school shoes which are neatly organized on the smart board stage. Many thanks to parents for labelling all articles to ensure they go home-sweet-home at the end of each day. Well done JK’s for taking responsibility for all of your things and making sure that you have all you need to be warm and comfy outside every day!

Sara and Meesh
JK Teachers
Children’s Garden School