House Games Gets on Board

“Jacob, you better get your head in the game!” ~ Abby

The competition was fierce at the January House Games last Friday. Aidan put together some very cool custom graphics for the occasion. He designed a House Game Board, complete with dice to roll and House pieces to move around the board. The best square? The smiley face. Landing on this square meant your House could earn 25 House points if they could successfully complete a bonus challenge. Challenges included answering questions like, ‘How many squares are there in the path from the street to the 2/3 door at CGS?’ (FYI it’s 13), or ‘How many years has Marie been at CGS?’ (answers ranged from ‘forever’ to ’40 years’). There were also physical challenges like reciting the alphabet while tapping your nose and standing on one foot. Fun!

Aidan also revealed the House point standings and Pegasus is out in front. The children were so excited to get the stats and no doubt are planning their next move to earn more House points. There will be many more opportunities to earn points once we’re back at school on the 16th!