Joy is Vital to Learning

“Joy constructively affects cognitive functions.
People in joyful states tend to be more creative, open-minded and better at problem-solving.
The sensation refines cognitive flexibility and broaden one’s thought patterns.”

Michelle Brown-Stafford, educator and parent of a child prodigy  

Childhood should be synonymous with the feeling of joy. At CGS we believe joy is integral to our school day. Experiencing joy encourages us to try new things, tempts us to step out of our comfort zone and opens ourselves up to new explorations. 

Did you know that current research states that joy is monumental for promoting brain health? Being in a state of calm, where we can be happy and joyful is an optimal state for taking in new information. As we all know by now, joy reduces anxiety and is a powerful antidote to stress, which boosts our ability to learn. 

“…joy at school and in learning is a foundation from which students gain the confidence
that academic struggle is temporary and worthwhile.”
There’s also a very real connection to the brain. “The brain does not exist by itself,”
writes Professor 
Jack Shonkoff, director of the Center on the Developing Child.
“Connecting the brain to the rest of the body is critically important. When we’re stressed, every cell in the body is working overtime.” 

How do you find joy? 

Look at some of the ways we’ve experienced joy this past week at CGS…and get ready for NEXT WEEK — “CGS Spirit Week” — where we will come together as a school community to “Be the Magic at CGS”!