What is “LOVE” and What Does “FAMILY” Mean?

Valentine’s Day was a much anticipated and super exciting day at CGS. Our Principal’s Club organized a morning Mindfulness Party for the Early Starts, JKs and SKs and an afternoon party for the Grades 1-2-3s. All proceeds — almost $1000.00! — is going to the Olive Branch for Children to help others. We are so fortunate at CGS, and for so many reasons. And we’re all so excited for the long Family Day weekend!

We wanted to take a step back and ask, Why are we celebrating? What IS “love”? and What does “family” mean?

The children of CGS had some amazing answers…

“Why don’t we celebrate love everyday? Why is it just one day?”
– Maya Gr 3 
“You know it in your heart, you just don’t know how to physically say it.”
– Claire Gr 3 


We asked our Early Starts and the JKs, SKs and Grades 1 and 2s, too.

“Love is spending time with your parents.”

“Love is when you like someone….and your heart is pumping so fast!
I love my family. And they love me.”

“Valentine’s is about love. Love means mommy and daddy love you. I love to hop on a unicorn and the unicorn goes on the rainbow….I love that.”

“Love is when you feel warm in your heart.”

“I love reading books with daddy.”

“Love makes me feel fuzzy.
Love means hugs. Loves means eating chocolate.”

“Love is when you’re kind. I love unicorns. And I love my mom.”

“Love means…Love means…I don’t know…but I’m thinking…
It feels good when you love someone.”

“I love Mom and Dad and Nana and Grandpa….”

“Love is when we’re both kind to each other.
It’s like when you want to marry them. You really love them so you go for a date.”

“I love my parents. I love YOU.”

“I love my teachers. I love my brother.”

“Loving someone is good.”

“Everybody knows what family is…”

“A family is who you go to the zoo with and on a rollercoaster.”

“Our family keeps us safe. Family is a group of people who are in one big space.”

“Family means getting together.”

“I am happy when I see my family.”

“My brother is my family. He makes funny faces.”

“My family is people that I love.”

CGS Staff and Administration wish you a mindful, loving and fun-filled Family Day weekend! We look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Tuesday!