CGS Spirit Week!

Spirit Week at CGS encourages school pride as we unite over a common theme.

This year’s theme was “Be the Magic!” and our Spirit Week Team of Melissa, Erin, Tinku and Naomi prepared an incredible number of engaging activities like everyday-hero-dress-up, a magic show, tye-dying, colourful and magical dress-days and a cereal box domino effect at kickoff on Monday. 

A gigantic collection of over 138 cereal boxes were donated and gathered in the gym. We were able to celebrate our school spirit by giving back, too. 


“We wanted to take a moment to recognize your generous food donations before the holidays and just recently with your cereal domino topple. What a fun way to help our community!  

Your kindness is the gift that keeps on giving.
It comes at a time when food banks are at their busiest and
your donations go a long way and really make a difference.
Once again thank you on behalf of the food bank clients and our volunteers.

~ St Ann Food Bank, Colette and Carlos Carreiro


The spirit of CGS has always been one of generosity.

We are plentiful in our goal to share information and knowledge, while educating through the development of the whole individual. Our Principal’s Club is an excellent demonstration of our spirit of generosity where the children work toward helping others through various fundraisers and activities under the guidance of Principal Marie, Grade 2/3 Michelle and Early Start’s Liz.

We provide an environment where students are given the opportunity to be heard and to contribute every day. By engaging with diverse individuals and communities, we develop empathy and gain a deeper understanding of the world around us. 

At CGS, we’ve got spirit!