Daisy the Giraffe

When Kelly went to Kenya, we were lucky enough for her to bring back a book called Daisy Rothschild. It’s about a family who adopts a giraffe because poachers are trying to kill them. The giraffe is named Daisy. Jock, who Daisy loved, had to go to work every day. When he was away, Daisy was so sad. Jock thought a friend for Daisy would help so he adopted another giraffe named Marlon. Unfortunately, Daisy kicked Marlon every time he got close. In the end though, Daisy and Marlon got along. The Grade 4’s are so lucky that Kelly got the book for us. It also turns out that Michelle’s favourite animal is a giraffe. She loved the story too! Thank you Kelly!

Armaan Chandarana
Grade 4 Correspondent
Children’s Garden School