Early Start Prekindergarten Spotlight!

It is time for a classroom spotlight of our Early Start Prekindergarten’s! We are so proud of our little CGS stars and everything they accomplish! We think they are getting braver every day and can see them shaping into kind and courageous tiny humans growing up in this big world.

They have been moving through this school year in stride! They are excelling in so many different ways, learning and practicing their writing, spelling, math, along with exploring through music, art, new languages and grabbing hold of their imagination and creativity through a lot of their work!

They have moved into new workbooks through Handwriting Without Tears, a multi-sensory approach to learning that focuses on prewriting skills for prekindergarten readiness. They are working through their own individual workbooks where they are tracing and writing letters to craft on their fine motor skills and writing muscle memory. They also are taking what they are learning off the page in fun, engaging and developmentally appropriate techniques to aid in their writing practices.

Our Early Starts took on a specific learning approach to one of their exercises. Using Reggio Emilia’s Inquiry Based Learning approach, the students collected and picked different items from a pile of recycled household items to build different things like structures, boats, towers and animals. This student-centered and self-guided approach to learning was a big hit with the students. It was a wonderful explorative experience in our Early Start classroom, and it was a marvelous demonstration of their courage and confidence through individual initiative, leadership, and teamwork!

As our Early Starts excel through our play-based creative learning, their classrooms have become a springtime wonderland full of all their art pieces, crafts, and environmental experiments of growing their own plants! Learning through experiences is one of the best ways we can teach our children, and that is something wonderful we see through our Early Start program.