Freckle Juice is Delicious

The Grade 1 class recently started their novel study of “Freckle Juice” by Judy Blume. The book is about a second grade boy named Andrew who wants freckles like his classmate Nicky. Andrew is desperate enough to pay his allowance money to a girl named Sharon for a secret Freckle Juice recipe. The Grade 1’s have loved listening to the story and made great connections to Andrew. They especially enjoyed reading a letter from Judy Blume that gave clues as to the Freckle Juice ingredients. The different ingredients were hidden around the classroom, and the children had to use their detective skills to solve the clues and find the different ingredients. They used Sharon’s Secret Recipe as inspiration to create their own Freckle Juice Recipes, and boy, were they creative! Some of the ingredients were VERY funny and interesting. The children then wrote about what might happen if Andrew drank THEIR Freckle Juice Recipe. Some of the children decided that Andrew would get freckles, and some decided that because they included 100 jalapenos, Andrew’s face would turn red and he would be burning up. Keep an eye on the Grade 1 display board to see their recipes. What a fun and funny novel study!

Emily & Heather
Grade 1 Teachers
Children’s Garden School