Closing Ceremonies 2022

On Wednesday, June 15, CGS held our 2022 Closing Ceremonies in person – after two years! The weather gods were in our favour and it was an absolutely perfect day. The ceremonies were divided by grade to allow room for all families to attend and gave us the opportunity to highlight the wonderful accomplishments made by every student here at CGS. The first awards ceremony of the day was our Early Start and Junior Kindergarten ceremony.

We were so proud of our youngest CGS Stars – beautiful performances and they were on their best behaviour despite being so excited about the ribbon awards. It was wonderful to be able to give our best wishes to Meesh in person. Meesh is retiring but will by no means be a stranger to CGS!

Our next awards ceremony was for our Senior Kindergarten program. Many of our SK Stars are moving to their ‘big school’ and we are so proud of how well they have all done. It was wonderful to be able to vest ribbons and awards to this bright group of students.

Our final awards ceremony was also graduation for many of our Grades 3 and 4 students. With so many friends and extended family present, it was beautiful to watch the tribute slideshow and to hear the graduates talk about their time at CGS.

The day wrapped up with our Grades 2 through 4 classes having a ‘party in the park’ – a time when they could have some fun, make some crafts and celebrate their school year and graduation with some food.

It could not have been a better day. Special thanks to Marie and all of our staff for the planning and organizing to make this day such a success. Congratulations to all of our award winners and especially to our 2022 Graduates. We are so proud of you all and cannot wait to see the great things in store for you!