Our Early Starts Hit the Mats!

What a fun and exciting first ever field trip for our Early Starts! Our Early Start students went to play and explore the Children’s Fitness Center of Canada (CFCC) here in Toronto! The CFCC is a gymnastics-based play and training gym for all youth ages starting as young as 18 months up to 18 years old. The CFCC focuses on teaching and guiding children how to move skillfully and build up their physical strength in a healthy and safe way.

Our Early Start littles got to practice and experience some new gymnastic movements to help them learn and understand their growing bodies! They worked with trained professional gymnasts that guided them through a blend of different movements, gymnastics, and strength exercises all designed to enhance our Early Starts physical literacy, cognitive development, flexibility, and growth.

They explored the CFCC gymnastic playground tumbling through summersaults, scaling the balancing beams, climbing the mat walls, swinging on knot ropes, twirling on balance bars, and crawling through the gymnast jungle gym! They had such a fun time learning through such playful physical activities. They loved getting out and exploring our big world, especially taking their very first bus ride! The bus ride almost was the highlight of the day!

Have a look at some of our little gymnasts! Who knows, we might have the next Ellie Black or Kyle Shewfelt in our mix!