Sink or Float?

The Early Start children enjoyed another wonderful science experiment! This afternoon, we discussed what “sink” and “float” mean. “If an object sinks, does that mean it is on top of the water or underneath the water?”, the children were asked. “Under!” The children said with enthusiasm. “If an object floats, does that mean it is on top of the water or underneath?” “On top,” replied the children. We looked at some objects in front of us and made predictions as to whether they would sink or float. The objects included: a sponge, a toy boat, a toonie, and a screw. Using a tub filled with water, the children tested their predictions by taking turns dropping the objects into the water. The children gathered around the tub with excitement to see what happened. We learned that most of our predictions were spot-on! This is an easy and fun activity to continue at home… in the bath! Great work Early Starts.

Dana, Liz, Anah & Sarah
Early Start Teachers
Children’s Garden School