The Beauty of Art

The students from Grades 1-4 participated our annual Art Show last Friday. The gym was transformed into an art gallery showcasing the amazing work the students have done throughout the year. It was a very proud moment for me to see my students’ work displayed and to witness their excitement at the event. The students enjoyed seeing their own artwork as well as appreciating the work of fellow students. I was especially impressed with the conversations the children had with their peers, parents and teachers about what they had learned throughout the year about painting techniques, composition, art movements and the artists that inspired them. Thank you to all the parents, caregivers and teachers who came by to support our amazing artists! Art has a special way of connecting people and sharing art with others has a unique way of enriching lives. Thank you to my students for inspiring me each day with their creativity.

An integral part of the art show this year was an installation piece (an artistic genre of three-dimensional structures designed to transform the perception of a space). Before the show, each student decorated a wooden path that represents themselves. The children were encouraged to connect these paths in a multitude of patterns showing how we are all connected in the community and at CGS. The designs they made were beautiful!

Special thanks to Sarah M, Ange, Jordan, Lisa, Steve and Emily for their help with the event!

Carrie Laureola
Art Teacher
Children’s Garden School