A Cabin in the Woods

This past month, the children from JK to Grade 4 have been busy working on canvases to create their own winter cabin scenes. We learned all about “landscapes” and how to identify the foreground, middle-ground, background and horizon line in a picture. We also further explored the element of “texture” when creating the logs for the cabin. The children used special brush techniques to create the illusion of wood grain on their logs. They especially loved using a fan brush to create their beautiful evergreen trees. The older children were further challenged to use 2-point perspective when creating their cabins.

Each piece of art was made more magical with the final splattering of snow. I really enjoyed teaching the children this special project and hope that it will be a treasured keepsake in your homes forever. It serves as a reminder to find beauty in our winter season even in the midst of all this crazy weather we have been getting. Enjoy!

Carrie Laureola
Art Teacher
Children’s Garden School