A Sparkling Diwali Delight

Our CGS festive spirit reached new bright heights as we learned about and celebrated Diwali, the festival of lights, in all our classrooms this last week. The occasion was marked by valuable lessons about the significance and history of Diwali, decorating and creating our own Diya crafts, themed stories, and a visitor from one of our CGS families who celebrate this festival,  and of course some delicious traditional Diwali treats.

Our Learning Strategist teacher, Tinku, generously provided some of our classes with a lesson on the tradition of the lighting of the Diya. She brought in a Diya from home, along with the oil used, and gave our students an enchanting demonstration. Our students were so captivated by the experience to join in the lighting of the Diya. Adding a personal touch to our celebrations, we had a special guest, a mother from our Senior Kindergarten class, graciously volunteer to share her Diwali traditions with the students. She brought to life the joyous atmosphere of Diwali by narrating tales of family customs, delicious feasts, and the sparkling array of lights that fill homes during this festive season.

She brought in individual little clay Diya’s for the class to decorate with colourful gems and jewels so that they can light their own Diya in the spirit of the Diwali festivities.  The students were captivated as they got a glimpse into the diversity of Diwali celebrations. No celebration is complete without indulging in delicious treats, and Diwali is no exception. Our SK students were generously treated to an array of chocolatey treats in the Diwali spirit. The students savoured the flavours of the festival, making it a sweet memory to cherish.

Some of our older classes were challenged to create different art pieces with our art teacher Carrie of bright glowing colourful candles, to light up their classrooms. Other students created Diya crafts to be displayed and brighten our hallways as we pass by.

From understanding the cultural significance of Diwali to unleashing creativity through Diya crafting and indulging in treats, the celebration fostered a sense of community and appreciation for diverse traditions. The presence of a special guest and having one of our teachers open up their traditions added a personal touch, making this Diwali a memorable and enriching experience for all. As the lights dimmed and the Diyas sparkled, the warmth of Diwali illuminated not just our school but also the hearts of our CGS learners.