CGS Summer Camp

Week 1

CGS Summer Camp had a fantastic first week. The summer weather was just perfect – sunny and hot! Our campers learned about fairies and wizards, volcanos and dinosaurs!

They wrapped up their first week with an adorable Teddy Bear Picnic and Park Adventure Day – spending the beautiful day outdoors and bringing their favourite teddy bears with them.

Week 2

Week 2 got off to a great start with ‘Pet Rocks’ day. Our campers painted and decorated their own rock and had a special gathering with all of their new pets.

Under the stars day also involved some pretty intense Teddy Bear involvement! Baby Yoda and Superheroes were at CGS in abundance on Jedi and Superhero day.

Our CGS Summer Camp 2022 is a wrap. Our campers had so much fun! Many thanks to our wonderful Summer Camp staff for their hard work to make this year’s camp such a success. We wish everyone a wonderful, safe and relaxing summer!