Remember Space Invaders?

The Grades 1’s, 2’s and 3’s have been busy learning how to code using Scratch Jr. Every week, we look at the intricacies of this amazing app and have been learning the fundamentals of how to create code to make movies, stories and games. This week the Grade 1 students learned how to code the classic game “Frogger”. After creating their own background, the students then had to learn how to create the programming for players to get their frog safely across the street by tapping an arrow or their frog. The Grade 2/3 students learned how to program another classic, “Space Invaders”. In this game, the students had to create a code for players to shoot at various moving objects before moving onto the next level (in this case a cat throwing a starfish at a fish). The students were not only amazed at what they were able to create, but it also brought back some fond memories for some parents. Happy playing CGS students and enjoy your walk down memory lane parents!

Michelle Menezes
Technology Teacher
Children’s Garden School
A message for the kids from Michelle…